Jorge Lopez has summited many of the peaks of the Cordillera de Talamanca, the major mountain range of Panama. In recent years he has focused his activity on Volcan Baru National Park and La Amistad International Park, climbing 3 of the highest peaks in Panama.

Seeking more uncommon adventures his last expeditions have climbed mountains in the tropical jungle including El Camino Real de Nombre de Dios (built around 1519) and exploring the Mamoni Jungle

This adventurer, a native of the corregimiento of Volcán (Highlands District), began his connection with the mountains from an early age, when he started hiking. Years later he began expeditions of multiple days as well as expeditions crossing the Cordillera into Bocas del Toro and Camino Real.

He is an accredited  guide of the international association PAWGI (Professional Association of Wilderness Guides and Instructors) and national authorities such as the ATP and Mi Ambiente, so he can guide groups to explore areas that not many have had the opportunity to experience.

Jorge López a musician since childhood has managed to develop his talent very well, which  allows him to combine music with nature creating peaceful, unforgettable experiences,  His treks, hikes or camping nights can be done at any time of the year, especially in summer (December through May in Panama).

A lover of nature, since 1998 he has participated in many volunteer groups for environmental conservation that combine protection, reforestation and the creation of new hiking trails.

He is currently one of the founders and president of the environmental organization Bio Turismo Tierras Altas. He has been the representative of the tour guides of his district and has developed projects for improvements within the forests as well as working on issues related to the protection of flora and fauna, but his main activity focuses on multi day mountain climbing treks. He has been one of the few creators of new trails in Panama.

After 5 expeditions and a study project of almost two months for MiAmbiente and working with some scientists, he was the first guide to scout out and create a trail ascending the East side of Volcan Baru. Prior to this access was only by jeep road on the east side.




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