Hello my name is Jorge Lopez, BaruExpeditions and Wild Treks Panama Guide. In my experience as a Guide specialized in protected areas, I have summited the Baru Volcano More than 250 times and I have worked with many people who have summited many peaks around the world, but especially the Chirripo (the highest one in Costa Rica 3820 masl) and the Kilimanjaro (the highest one in Africa 5891,8 m Uhuru Peak in the Kibo). Both are the highest peaks and with longer distances than the Baru Volcano, which is 3475 meters above the sea level. Reaching the summit of the Kilimanjaro takes several days, having to go through different microclimates and its altitude component, but what makes different the Baru Volcano is that the 1775 meters of elevation gain are distributed in only 6.5k, that makes it very difficult in a short period of time. Therefore, some customers conclude that the Baru Volcano (ascending by Paso Ancho) is extremely hard in terrain compared to the Kilimanjaro and Mount Chirripó for its short distance and distribution of altitude. .

There are two ways to summit the Baru Volcano: Paso Ancho 6.5k (trail), and Boquete 13.5k (route for modified cars 4×4). By Boquete route it is easier since its altitude distribution is 13.5k.

Take note of this information and prepare physically and mentally.

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  1. I agree that Volcan Baru can be a tough hike due to the steep elevation gain
    in the short trail distance. Hope to hike with again soon. Phil

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