Additional Services

Besides tours of the volcano, we provide many other tours. Here are some of the following:


This area is one of the worlds most diverse areas for the viewing of birds. They are many options and places to go. We know them all.

Farm Tours:

One of the nice things about Volcan and Cerro Punta is the abundance and variety of farming.  If you would like to see a dairy farm or one of the many farms in Cerro Punta we can make the arrangements.

Coffee Tours:

Panama is renowned for its coffee, take a tour with us on one of the many farms close by.

Canyon Tours:

Want an exciting adventure tour? This is the one for you. Must be 18 years or older.


We are able to provide hotel or hostel reservations, restaurant recommendations, transport, or any other questions you might have while here,  please feel free to ask. These are some good ones.

Recommended Hotels and Hostels in Tierras Altas:

1. Volcan Lodge

2. Hotel Bambito

3. Casa Grande

4. Los Quetzales Lodge

5. Hostel Victoria

6. Hostel Dos Rios

7. Hostel Brisas

Recommended Hotels in Boquete:

1. Finca Larida


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